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How Not To Sell

In the world of sales and business development, we get a big list of the correct things to do. One lesson that occasionally helps is to get a list of the things not to do. This week I got a big lesson in how not to sell. One of my professional graphic arts organizations wanted to do an educational event in the Spring, so we went looking for a venue. We found a good supplier … [Read More...]

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“Buddying up” on your Career Vision Board!

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing Abby Kohut, the author of “Absolutely Abby’s 101 Job Search Secrets”. Abby is a great speaker, and told us a fun story about … [Read More...]

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Always Bring a Gift

Has this ever happened to you? You apply for an interesting job, and then send an email to the hiring manager to say that you are just following up on the status of … [Read More...]

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Comedic Post for the blog “Men over 50”

Do you remember when you learned how to write in script? We called it long hand and cursive too. And even handwriting. It was 3rd grade, and we were 9 or 10 years old. We all got paper with lines on it, and were told to keep lower case below the line and … [Read More...]

Beyond the Resume – A different Approach to Job Search

If you have been sending out dozens of resumes with very little success, here is a tip to try out. A good friend of mine, and former boss, sent me a recent article on a different approach to approaching potential hiring managers. The author’s name is Steve … [Read More...]

Your Value Prop – it’s more like an Oreo© than you know!

One of the more helpful organizations in NYC is P3, which is a free career advancement group. This group has educational lunch meetings every other month, and many of the topics will resonate with your career needs. Last week they featured a special guest, … [Read More...]